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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2013. 9(4), article 1, 231-238;


Edward Rydygier1, Zygmunt Strzyżakowski2

1Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom, Poland
Municipal Office of Capital City of Warsaw, Poland


Background: Mathematical modelling aids diagnostics the track and rolling stock, as it often for technical reasons it is not possible to obtain a complete set of measurement data required to diagnose the rail and wheel deformation caused by the impact of a rail vehicle on the track. The important issue in a railway diagnostics is to study the effects of contact wheel and rail. Diagnostics investigations of track and rolling stock have a fundamental role in ensuring the safety of transport of passengers and goods.
The aim of the study presented in the paper was to develop simulation methods of mathematical modelling of the wheel-rail system useful in the diagnostics of the track and a railway vehicle.
Methods: In the paper two ways of modelling were presented and discussed. One of these ways is the method which consists in reducing the contact issue to field issue and solving the identification of the field source in 2-D system. Also presented a different method designed on the basis of the methods using one period energy concept. This method is adapted for modelling the dynamics of the contact wheel-rail for the normal force. It has been shown that the developed modelling methods to effectively support the study on the effects of mechanical and thermal of contact wheel-rail and contribute to the safety of operations.
 Results and conclusions:  In the case of field sources identifications two specific issues were examined: the issue of rail torsion and the identification of heat sources in the rail due to exposure the rolling contact wheel-rail. In the case of the method using one period energy concept it was demonstrated the usefulness of this method to the study of energy processes in the contact wheel-rail under the normal periodic force. The future direction of research is to establish cooperation with research teams entrusted with the diagnostic measurements of track and rolling stock.

Keywords: contact wheel-rail, diagnostics of tract and rolling stock, numerical methods, one period energy
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MLA Rydygier, Edward, and Zygmunt Strzyżakowski. "Modelling of contact problems involved in ensuring the safety of rail transport." Logforum 9.4 (2013): 1.
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