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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2013. 9(1), article 1, 3-10;


Konieczny P.1, Dobrucka R.2, Mroczek E.1

1Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poznan, Poland
Poznań University of Economics, Poznan, Poland, Faculty of Commodity Science, Department of Industrial Products Ecology and Quality


Background: The international trade of food commodities is still growing and food products are transported sometimes for a long distance using  various modes. Food transportation issues should be discussed  not only in respect to quality and safety concerns but also from environmental point of view.  Numerous approaches are  proposed to study impacts of food transportation along typical food chain on environment. Carbon footprint based on seems to be an interesting indicator for such analysis. 

Material and methods: The analysis carried out in this study is based mainly on data presented in paper and reports published in recent decade, including some opinions available on various internet websites.  

 Results and conclusions:  The greenhouse gas emissions associated food transport along whole food supply chain. Carbon footprint  can be used to study various environmental impacts on each chain stage including primary production, food processing, fuel and energy consumption in food distribution, retail issues and product use  by consumer during household consumption. Adding these together all of the greenhouse gas emissions gives the total carbon footprint for a product useful to affect consumer nutritional behaviors.

Keywords: food transportation, carbon footprint, environmental impact
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MLA P., Konieczny, et al. "Using carbon footprint to evaluate environmental issues of food transportation." Logforum 9.1 (2013): 1.
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