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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2012. 8(4), article 1, 277-285;


Wojciech Machowiak

Poznan School of Logistics, Poznań, Poland


Background: Unlike Enterprise Risk Management, which is certainly quite well rooted in business practice, Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) still continues to be dynamically developing subject of academic research, whereas its practical applications are rather scarce.

Material and methods: On the basis of broad review of the current state of the art in world literature, significant  relevancies to the core processes and enterprise strategy are discussed.  

Results: The paper shows some interesting from the enterprise's performance and competitiveness point of view additional benefits, potentially resulting from the proactive, consistent and effective implementation of the SCRM system.

Conclusions: Some additional advantages from proactive supply chain risk management account for perceiving SCRM as multifunctional instrument of strategic SC management, exceeding established understanding RM as security and threat-prevention  tool only. Positive influence from SCRM onto SC performance and competitiveness can make reasonable to enhance its position within SCM strategy.

Keywords: supply chain management, supply chain risk management, risk, risk management
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MLA Machowiak, Wojciech. "Risk management - unappreciated instrument of supply chain management strategy." Logforum 8.4 (2012): 1.
APA Wojciech Machowiak (2012). Risk management - unappreciated instrument of supply chain management strategy. Logforum 8 (4), 1.
ISO 690 MACHOWIAK, Wojciech. Risk management - unappreciated instrument of supply chain management strategy. Logforum, 2012, 8.4: 1.