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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2012. 8(2), article 6, 151-156;


Zbyszko Pawlak

Poznań School of Logistics, Poznan, Poland


Background: Traffic congestion is nowadays probably one of the greatest problems of urban transportation systems and infrastructure. Unfortunately, it frequently happens that road work investments connected with the construction of new and re-construction of old road networks, contrary to original intentions, fails to improve urban transportation or even deteriorate it significantly.

Methods: The article presents an analysis of some methods of easing urban traffic congestion. Instrumental methods such as city center parking tolls usually do not bring about sit uation improvement. Introducing a faster and relatively comfortable public transportation competitive with commuting by cars is more efficient.

Results and conclusions: The results of the research also reveal that the frequently applied method of road broadening does not lead to increasing their capacity as it fuels the preference for using private cars, instead of means of mass transportation. Consequently, the number of cars driving in towns and cities is larger and the level of congestion boosts. Uncoordinated individuals striving towards achieving their personal optimum are not always achieving optimum for the whole community. Communities as a result of that tendency must pay the Price of Anarchy. Therefore, the better mass transportation functions, the more persons start using it and simultaneously there will be fewer cars in the network of streets and transportation routes - with the resultant lower level of congestion.

Keywords: flow of persons in cities and towns, urban traffic congestion, instruments of urban management, price of anarchy
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MLA Pawlak, Zbyszko. "Efficiency of urban congestion problem solving." Logforum 8.2 (2012): 6.
APA Zbyszko Pawlak (2012). Efficiency of urban congestion problem solving. Logforum 8 (2), 6.
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