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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2012. 8(2), article 3, 109-122;


V. Novikov, Y. Korsuk, L. Shipulina

International University MITSO, Minsk, Belarus


Background: The nature of the relations between group members is a very important part of the integrity of the logistics process. The identification of rating among the participants is certainly the most necessary condition for the quality of the logistics process. It can distinguished four types of emergence rating: direct participation rating, direct impact rating, participation rating and impact rating.
The aim of this paper was to create the method to determine the mutual relationships among various elements of logistic group.

Methods: The technique is based on the processing of the matrix of pairwise interactions obtained on the basis of a questionnaire survey of all members of the group and expressed as a score on the selected scale of assessments. The computation algorithm is based in particular on the traveling salesman problem using an original method of optimization and is implemented in Visual Studio C #.

Results: 16 types of leaderships were distinguished and described by the use of statistical methods.

Conclusions: The developed method of calculating the measure of emergence can be used not only for a group of students, but also for the definition of the rate of emergence in any collective system.

Keywords: emergence, influence rating, rating of participation, direct impact rating, rating of direct participation, traveling salesman problem, directed graph, simply connected contour, collective system, logistic cooperation, types of leaders
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MLA Novikov, V., et al. "A measure of emergence of a logistic group interaction." Logforum 8.2 (2012): 3.
APA V. Novikov, Y. Korsuk, L. Shipulina (2012). A measure of emergence of a logistic group interaction. Logforum 8 (2), 3.
ISO 690 NOVIKOV, V., KORSUK, Y. , SHIPULINA, L. . A measure of emergence of a logistic group interaction. Logforum, 2012, 8.2: 3.