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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2016. 12(3), article 6, 259-267; DOI: https://doi.org/10.17270/J.LOG.2016.3.6


Waldemar Glabiszewski

Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland


Background: Multilateral cooperation is an inherent part of any business and one of the most important factors in the success of modern enterprise. Therefore, in this paper the author addresses the problem of building relationships with partners in a supply chain and focuses on the development of relational abilities as well as inter-organizational ties, and his exploration and considerations are applied to small businesses.
Methods: In the empirical part of the work the author aims to identify the scope and intensity of the involvement of small businesses in taking measures to build relationships with supply chain partners. The basic source of data is the results of empirical research conducted by the author in 2014 by means of mail and personal surveys. A questionnaire specially designed for this purpose was sent out to 500 randomly selected small businesses from the kujawsko-pomorskie region (Poland).
Results: The author provides a positive verification of the formulated hypotheses, which imply that small businesses take action to develop both their ability to establish and maintain relationships and the actual relationships with partners in the supply chain. However, they take various activities into account, but not all, and this is mostly done in a manner that is not systematically, particularly in relation to those undertakings which require more sophisticated skills and tools.
Conclusions: Propagating the theory of relational abilities among small businesses and the concepts indicating the forms of their development and use appears to be justified, even if these companies seem to be aware of the impact of the quality of relationships with supply chain partners on the effects of cooperation with them.

Keywords: inter-organizational relationships, cooperation, relational abilities, supply chain, small businesses
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MLA Glabiszewski, Waldemar. "Activity of small businesses in the process of building relationships in the supply chain." Logforum 12.3 (2016): 6. DOI: https://doi.org/10.17270/J.LOG.2016.3.6
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