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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2014. 10(3), article 1, 235-245;


Marcin Hajdul, Karolina Kolińska

Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, Poznań, Poland


Background: Article presents a model concept of supporting supply chain management based on predefined correlation between logistic and statistical performance indicators. Paper presents how, set of logistics indicators at different levels of management and a set of statistical indicators broken down by macroeconomic and microeconomic level, can be used in order to improve supply chain management. The correlation coefficients are presented for evaluating the relationships between the selected samples of individual indicators.

Methods: In order to present relationships between the indicators used are elements of statistics such as correlation coefficients Spearman's rho and Kendall's tau-b.

Results: As a result of work carried out obtained a list of logistics indicators and statistics that can be used when making decisions in supply chain management. Obtained the degree of relationships between the individual indicators, through the designation values of correlation indicators.

Conclusions: Efficient supply chain management requires not only the proper selection of indicators, both logistical and statistical, which support decision-making. Important element is also identification of the correlation between the indicators at micro (company) and macro (environment) level. This will enable the correct way to draw conclusions from the reports and take corrective action for a specific branch or a company. 

Keywords: indicators of logistics and statistics, coefficient of correlation.
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MLA Hajdul, Marcin, and Karolina Kolińska. "Supply chain management based on logistic and statical indicators." Logforum 10.3 (2014): 1.
APA Marcin Hajdul, Karolina Kolińska (2014). Supply chain management based on logistic and statical indicators. Logforum 10 (3), 1.
ISO 690 HAJDUL, Marcin, KOLIńSKA, Karolina. Supply chain management based on logistic and statical indicators. Logforum, 2014, 10.3: 1.