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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2014. 10(1), article 1, 3-12;


Mirosław Chaberek

University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk, Poland


Background: The logistics has its practical input in creating economical strategies as well as in creating modern economic environment. Processes of planning, designing and functioning of logistic systems must be based both on the theoretical knowledge covering various areas as well as practical experiences to provide the required support.  To provide logistic services in the rational way, it is necessary to learn the complicated set of implications resulting from three areas covering the theoretical knowledge, practical ones as well as the regulation by the law.

Methods: The triad of three concepts: theory, practice and regulation is the main area of consideration in relation to tasks of the logistic support provided by any organization for any production process. The aim of this paper focuses on the necessity of taking into account implications among theory, practice and regulation during the process of analyzing, designing and implementation of systems of the logistic support. The lack of awareness of differences between various implications or ignoring them must lead to irrational behaviors.

Results: The implications among theory, practice and legislative regulation of logistics presented differently than usually, broaden the logistic knowledge and at the same time provide the tool of the rationalization of logistic services in all kinds of activities.

Conclusions: The correct identification of tasks and functions of the logistics leads to the recognition of its subject and tasks and correct identification of implications occurring among theory, practice and regulation. This knowledge is indispensable in the process of creation of projects of logistic services of each activity, both business and non-business one.

Keywords: logistic support model, implications among theory, practice and regulation, rationalization of logistic activities
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MLA Chaberek, Mirosław. "Theoretical, regulatory and practical implications of logistics." Logforum 10.1 (2014): 1.
APA Mirosław Chaberek (2014). Theoretical, regulatory and practical implications of logistics. Logforum 10 (1), 1.
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