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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2013. 9(4), article 6, 277-281;


Novikov V.A.1, Sapun O.L.1, Shipulina L.G.2

1Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University
International University "MITSO"


Background: The authors examine the methodology of HRM personnel management based on ratings. Proposed to represent a collective system that uses a matrix of pair relations as a system of linear differential equations. The condition of auto generation of an autonomous system can be determined by the application of the Laplace transformation to the system. This condition mainly depends on the main eigenvalue of dating relationships matrix. Assuming the oscillation frequency is straightly proportional to the system's synergy rating, a special algorithm of comparative evaluation of several collective systems was suggested.
Methods: The calculation of the rating of internal synergies is based on the representation of the collective system as a system of linear differential equations, the coefficients of which are obtained by questionnaire survey of all members of the team. Internal representation of the system's synergism as a stimulation of an autonomous system allows using the eigenvector of the system as a measure of internal synergies.
Results: The result of this method is the rating of members of interacting collective systems in terms of their contribution to the self-organization sharing behavior.
 Conclusions:  Using a matrix of pair relations allows without direct programming and only using MathCad determines the measure of internal synergy of a collective system.

Keywords: synergy, rating, matrix of pair relations, autonomous system, differential equation, Laplace transform, frequency of auto generation, eigenvalue, eigenvector
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MLA V.A., Novikov, et al. "A measure of internal synergy of the collective system." Logforum 9.4 (2013): 6.
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