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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2013. 9(2), article 2, 73-90;


Natalia Szozda1, Sylwia Werbińska-Wojciechowska2

1Wroclaw University of Economics
Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw, Poland


Background: Identification and analysis of factors that affect the accuracy of demand planning process across the supply chain is one of the most important problems which influence the effectiveness of its material and information flows.

Material and methods: On the basis of demand planning process investigation authors define the main elements affecting the right supply chain performance level and investigate the possible connections between demand information quality and demand planning process accuracy. Later, an overview of some recent developments in the analyzed research area is provided.

Results: Based on the literature review, there is described the defined factors impact on the accuracy of demand plan in each echelon for case companies. There are considered three cases. The examples illustrate supply chains of different manufacturing companies. The focus is placed on demand planning across the supply chains. The issue of determining the accuracy of future sales plans in each echelon of supply chains and factors affecting it are raised. Taking into account the case companies demand planning process analyses, there are defined possible quality measures, that are possible to be used when forecasting the customer demand.

Conclusions: One of the most important and difficult planning area in the companies is becoming planning demand. Errors in planning are reflected not just in the business resource planning but also in the entire supply chain. Presented cases show that many factors affect the proper demand planning process in the supply chain, like e.g.  information technologies, lead-time, or number of supplied materials. As it can be seen from the case studies, the model of collecting information from the market plays an important role in the demand planning process.

Keywords: demand planning, information flow quality, supply chain
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MLA Szozda, Natalia, and Sylwia Werbińska-Wojciechowska. "Influence of the demand information quality on planning process accuracy in supply chain. Case studies." Logforum 9.2 (2013): 2.
APA Natalia Szozda, Sylwia Werbińska-Wojciechowska (2013). Influence of the demand information quality on planning process accuracy in supply chain. Case studies. Logforum 9 (2), 2.
ISO 690 SZOZDA, Natalia, WERBIńSKA-WOJCIECHOWSKA, Sylwia. Influence of the demand information quality on planning process accuracy in supply chain. Case studies. Logforum, 2013, 9.2: 2.