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Issue 2/ 2014, article 10

Ewa Kulińska



Background: The article describes the determinants of creating network enterprises with peculiar consideration of logistic factors which are conditioning the organization of processes, exchange of resources and competences. On the basis of literature analysis, there is proposed a model of creating network enterprises. A model is verified in the application part of the thesis.

Methods: Within the publication a literature review of submitted scope of the interest was presented, as well as the empirical research. A research substance attaches the enterprises created on the basis of the reactivation of organizations which has collapsed due to bankruptcy proceeding. The research was based upon direct interviews with employees of the net-forming entities.

Results and conclusions: Results of the research shows that taking up the cooperation and net-cooperation was the only possibility for new entities to come into existence, that were  based upon old assets and human resources liquidated during bankruptcy proceeding. There was indentified many determinants of enterprises network cooperation, however due to the research a conclusion draws, that basic factors of creating network cooperation are those which are profit-achieving oriented.

Keywords: network companies, logistics processes, cooperation, resources, specialization, bankruptcy proceeding

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MLA Kulińska, Ewa. "Creating the networking enterprises - logistics determinants." Logforum 9.2 (2014): 10.
APA Ewa Kulińska (2014). Creating the networking enterprises - logistics determinants. Logforum 9 (2), 10.
ISO 690 KULIńSKA, Ewa. Creating the networking enterprises - logistics determinants. Logforum, 2014, 9.2: 10.
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