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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2013. 9(2), article 1, 61-72;


Olgierd Dziamski

Instytut Logistyki i Magazynowania, Poznan, Poland


Background: Goods distribution by containers has opened new opportunities for them in the global supply chain network. Standardization of transportation units allow to simplify transport logistics operations and enable the integration of different types of transport. Currently, container transport is the most popular means of transport by sea, but recent studies show an increase in its popularity in land transport. In the paper presented the concept of a comprehensive intermodal planning system in a distributed environment which enables more efficient use containers in the global transport. The aim of this paper was to formulate and develop new concept of Internet Intermodal Planning System in distribution environment, supporting the common interests of the consignors and the logistic service providers by integrating the transportation modes, routing, logistics operations and scheduling in order to create intermodal transport plans.

Methods: In the paper presented and discussed the new approach to the management of logistics resources used in international intermodal transport. Detailed analysis of proposed classification of variety transportation means has been carried out along with their specific properties, which may affect the time and cost of transportation. Have been presented the modular web-based distribution planning system supporting container transportation planning. Conducted the analysis of the main planning process and curried out the discussion on the effectiveness of the new web-based container transport planning system.

Result and conclusions: This paper presents a new concept of the distributed container transport planning system integrating the available on the market logistics service providers with freight exchange. Specific to container planning new transport categories has been identified which simplify and facilitate the management of intermodal planning process. The paper presents a modular structure of Integrated Internet Planning and Scheduling system that combines in one place freight exchange with logistics service providers along with all possible clients dispersed around the world. Comprehensive integration of many participants in the intermodal transport process creates new opportunities for access to distributed logistics services. Computed complex planned routes consisting of several carriers can become an important competitor to traditional Third Party Logistics providers.

Keywords: planning, intermodal planning system, containers, distribution
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MLA Dziamski, Olgierd. "The comprehensive intermodal planning system in distributed environment." Logforum 9.2 (2013): 1.
APA Olgierd Dziamski (2013). The comprehensive intermodal planning system in distributed environment. Logforum 9 (2), 1.
ISO 690 DZIAMSKI, Olgierd. The comprehensive intermodal planning system in distributed environment. Logforum, 2013, 9.2: 1.