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Issue 3/ 2012, article 3

Rafał Matwiejczuk



Background: Logistics is more and more often perceived as an integrated potential of changes in a business management system. Among the particular potentials, the key importance is assigned to logistics resources, capabilities, and particularly competences.

Methods: The article points at exploitation of possibilities of logistics potentials in achieving desired changes in business management and reaching desired market and economic effects by a company. Except for literature studies, empirical research has been conducted in 111 companies operating in Poland.

 Results and conclusions:  Research results have shown several symptoms of logistics influence on business management system. The significance of logistics potentials in business management system capacity development has been partially confirmed. Due to logistics potentials, the company can be more effective and efficient in reaching expected market and economic outcomes.

Keywords: logistics, potentials, competences, management, effects

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MLA Matwiejczuk, Rafał. "The influence of logistics potentials on business management." Logforum 8.3 (2012): 3.
APA Rafał Matwiejczuk (2012). The influence of logistics potentials on business management. Logforum 8 (3), 3.
ISO 690 MATWIEJCZUK, Rafał. The influence of logistics potentials on business management. Logforum, 2012, 8.3: 3.
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