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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2012. 8(3), article 2, 191-200;


Łukasz Hadaś, Piotr Cyplik

Poznan University of Technology, Poznan, Poland


Background: The complexity of the manufacturing environments of today's mechanical engineering companies and the number of both internal and external restrictions affecting to need of building tailored production planning and control systems. This statement is particularly important in conditions of companies with a wide range of products and different customer service strategies (different locations of the logistics decoupling point otherwise called "order penetration point"). Streams of materials in these conditions require different management what is the main reason for carrying out research in business conditions by the authors.

Material and methods: The research was carried out in industrial engineering in complex environmental conditions of production. This was a specializing in technology, multi-departments environment, with multiple streams of values and a wide range of products (about 500 items). The work was carried out under the transformation of the production system from the "push" logic of flow to "pull" logic of flow and building a dedicated system based on the best practice approach.

Results: The paper describes the process of building tailored hybrid systems in the area of planning and shop flow control of production. The authors present the theoretical considerations on the issue and practical experiences. The authors present factors of selection of the transformation path and its road map. The article describes the part of the authors' own experience in the work on the methodology of transformation of Polish companies in the running business condition.

Conclusions: Establishing the methodology of transformation of the production system is not a simple task. This paper presents only selected aspects of complex decision-making process. However, the authors presented work shows the important aspect of the transformation of production systems for these organizational conditions.

Keywords: production planning system rebuilding, decupling point: Make to Order (MTO), Make to Stock - Open to Buy (MTS OTB) and MTS Buffer
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For citation:

MLA Hadaś, Łukasz, and Piotr Cyplik. "Practice of building production planning system of company with a wide range of products - case study." Logforum 8.3 (2012): 2.
APA Łukasz Hadaś, Piotr Cyplik (2012). Practice of building production planning system of company with a wide range of products - case study. Logforum 8 (3), 2.
ISO 690 HADAŚ, Łukasz, CYPLIK, Piotr. Practice of building production planning system of company with a wide range of products - case study. Logforum, 2012, 8.3: 2.