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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2011. 7(4), article 6, 61-66;


Sergey Uvarov

St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance, St. Petersburg, Russia


Background: Realization of supply chains management paradigm, covering significantly more volumes of logistic space, logically leads to complication of logistic systems, which, in its turn, arises significant number of problems of both theoretical and practical character. In our opinion, not all the aspects of logistic systems design and their sustainable functioning have received by the present time corresponding coverage in scientific literature. More detailed consideration requires specific problems of logistic systems interaction with their environment. We can talk about formation of new scientific direction (which we suggest to name logistic environics), being applied addition to classical approach to design of logistic systems.

Methods: the formalized description of interaction process for logistic systems with the environment was presented and discussed  from ecological, social, economical, organizational and technological, technical, natural scientific positions.

Results and conclusions: There is an interaction between logistics systems and the environment, but formalized description of logistic systems interaction process with the environment requires performance of complex interdisciplinary research from many different positions.

Keywords: supply chains, logistic systems, logistic environment, logistic approach
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MLA Uvarov, Sergey. "Problems of logistic systems sustainable development in delivery chains." Logforum 7.4 (2011): 6.
APA Sergey Uvarov (2011). Problems of logistic systems sustainable development in delivery chains. Logforum 7 (4), 6.
ISO 690 UVAROV, Sergey. Problems of logistic systems sustainable development in delivery chains. Logforum, 2011, 7.4: 6.