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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2011. 7(4), article 2, 17-25;


Filip Januszewski

Poznan School of Logistics, Poznan, Poland


Background: The growing popularity in recent years of marketing concepts of putting clients in the centre of the interest of companies as well as easy access to data related to customers' behaviors led to the increase of the importance of such concepts as the profitability and the value of the customer. But the customer value in not an unequivocal concept. It can be defined and measured individually depending on the needs of a company, an industry character, objectives or a time horizon.

Methods: The following, most often used, methods for measuring customer value were selected, described and analyzed from the point of view of their usefulness: different types of the portfolio method (e.g. two-steps and three-steps one, nine-field matrix, etc), multidimensional analysis of customers, analysis of the rentability of customers, model PCV, ABC method, RFM method and CLV indicator.

Results: The advantages and disadvantages of each of analyzed methods were presented and evaluated. The possible use of each of the methods was presented and discussed. In the sector of logistics companies, the measurement of the customer value can be an effective tool in managing the customer relationships and in increasing their profitability. Since there is no only one universal way of measuring the customer value, which is appropriate for every selected industry branch, the choice of a particular method depends on many factors, such as a business profile or number of clients served by a company.

Conclusions: The aim of the identification of key customers is to facilitate the optimal allocation of resources of the company. Not all customers are equally important for the company, and the company is not able and should not try to acquire and satisfy needs of each customer.
It should be remembered, that the evaluation of the customer value in logistics companies should not be restricted to only one of discussed methods. The analysis presented in this paper indicates, that the verification of obtained results should be made simultaneously by the use of a few methods not only one of them. The logistics company can successfully use portfolio methods in the combination with such indicators like CLV, PCV or RFM. The multidimensional analysis helps the customer management and can increase the value of the whole company.

Keywords: customer value, customer profitability, customer lifetime value, customer portfolio
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MLA Januszewski, Filip. "Possible applications of instruments of measurement of the customer value in the operations of logistics companies." Logforum 7.4 (2011): 2.
APA Filip Januszewski (2011). Possible applications of instruments of measurement of the customer value in the operations of logistics companies. Logforum 7 (4), 2.
ISO 690 JANUSZEWSKI, Filip. Possible applications of instruments of measurement of the customer value in the operations of logistics companies. Logforum, 2011, 7.4: 2.