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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2010. 6(4), article 3


Sylwia Konecka

Poznan School of Logistics, Poznan, Poland


Lean and agile supply chain managements, as well as the hybrid forms (leagile supply chains), are popular and relatively widely discussed in literature. However, there are some disputes concerning differentiating these types of the management from tools and instruments such as outsourcing, single sourcing, quick response, standardizing principles and postponement. The above-mentioned concepts are discussed in a positive light as tools for achieving a competitive advantage of supply chains. A recently introduced term SCRM (Supply Chain Risk Management) emphasizes the importance of the risk management in supply chains also due to the ability to achieve a competitive advantage of those chains in which a risk is identified, estimated, managed and controlled. Therefore, it seems to be of benefit to look for the relationships and dependencies between these concepts (some references were made to the author's own research). A significant part of the papers concerns the identification of risks related to the above-mentioned instruments of supply chain management. However, the concepts of lean and agile management are often discussed due to the fundamental determiners of the functioning of a supply chain such as the nature of the demand, the character of goods and the total lead-time. According to the author, the discussed concepts could be viewed concerning supply chain risk management. It could facilitate the choice of a supply chain strategy based on the risk analysis. Several case studies were included to support the presented considerations.

Keywords: risk, supply chain risk management, lean supply chain, agile supply chain
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MLA Konecka, Sylwia. "Lean and agile supply chain management concepts in the aspect of risk management." Logforum 6.4 (2010): 3.
APA Sylwia Konecka (2010). Lean and agile supply chain management concepts in the aspect of risk management. Logforum 6 (4), 3.
ISO 690 KONECKA, Sylwia. Lean and agile supply chain management concepts in the aspect of risk management. Logforum, 2010, 6.4: 3.