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Issue 3/ 2010, article 8

Paweł Zmuda-Trzebiatowski

Poznan University of Technology, Poznan, Poland



This paper presents issues related to road cleansing in urban areas based on example of the city of Poznan. It describes typical operations in road cleansing and relations with city logistics and green logistics, as well. Road cleansing goals and its influence on transport systems' operations as well as legal framework for functioning of road cleansing in Poland are also presented. The paper includes literature review of decision problems and their solutions leading to improvements of these systems. The author analyses decision problems of similar areas such as road maintenance and transportation, which aims at indicating potential directions of further research.

Keywords: road cleansing, decision problems, city logistics, green logistics

Full text available in in english in format: Adobe Acrobat pdf article nr 8 - pdf

Streszczenie w jezyku polskim Streszczenie w jezyku polskim.

Zusammenfassung in Deutsch Zusammenfassung in Deutsch.

For citation:

MLA Zmuda-Trzebiatowski, Paweł. "Selected aspects of road cleansing in the city of Poznan." Logforum 6.3 (2010): 8.
APA Paweł Zmuda-Trzebiatowski (2010). Selected aspects of road cleansing in the city of Poznan. Logforum 6 (3), 8.
ISO 690 ZMUDA-TRZEBIATOWSKI, Paweł. Selected aspects of road cleansing in the city of Poznan. Logforum, 2010, 6.3: 8.
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