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Issue 2/ 2010, article 2

Ireneusz Fechner



This article presents a division of logistics centres according to various criteria and specifies their role in a national logistics system. It provides a classification of the main logistics network nodes. It also describes those features of logistics centres that have an impact on zoning development of towns and regions. The current situation in the national logistics system has been presented here against theoretical analyses and also a concept for the development of a logistics centre network in Poland has been formulated.

Keywords: logistics centre, warehouse centre, Intermodal trans-shipment terminal, national logistics system, logistics network, nodes of the logistics network, Intermodal transport

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For citation:

MLA Fechner, Ireneusz. "Role of logistics centres in national logistics system." Logforum 6.2 (2010): 2.
APA Ireneusz Fechner (2010). Role of logistics centres in national logistics system. Logforum 6 (2), 2.
ISO 690 FECHNER, Ireneusz. Role of logistics centres in national logistics system. Logforum, 2010, 6.2: 2.
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