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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2009. 5(3), article 4


Teresa Gajewska

Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie, Kraków, Polska


In recent years internet, a modern form of information flow, has meaningfully changed how the branch of economy concerning retail goods exchange looks like. It caused significant reduction of the costs being spent by web retailers which effected in lower retail end price in comparison with the price offered by traditional retailers. To cost reduction area one may include lack of necessity to rent facilities as well as lower number of staff to hire. Article presents statistical data concerning number of consumers shopping using word wide web. There are discussed advantages and potential disadvantages of e-commerce usage becoming more and more popular. The most significant problems from the logistics point of view are also analyzed concerning mainly courier companies which goal is efficient delivery of ordered goods to ordering persons as to satisfy client requirements is the highest priority in correctly working flow of supply of chain. E-commerce has rich potential to evolve in the upcoming future. Shopping through the web has become the most suitable solution for bigger and bigger number of clients. Thus the goal of logistics specialists should be to work out the "intelligent" strategy enabling e-commerce to further develop as well as to minimize existing conceptual obstacles such as problem of delays in on time mails distribution and deliveries in time limit suitable for clients.

Keywords: E-commerce, Express-Carrier, Internet, Logistics services
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MLA Gajewska, Teresa. "Logistics aspects of Ecommerce - A theoretical and practical approach." Logforum 5.3 (2009): 4.
APA Teresa Gajewska (2009). Logistics aspects of Ecommerce - A theoretical and practical approach. Logforum 5 (3), 4.
ISO 690 GAJEWSKA, Teresa. Logistics aspects of Ecommerce - A theoretical and practical approach. Logforum, 2009, 5.3: 4.