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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2009. 5(1), article 3, 1-10;


Ireneusz Fechner

The Poznan School of Logistics, Poznań, Poland


Logistic nodal infrastructure consists of four types of facilities: ports, transshipment terminals, warehousing centres and logistics centres. The models of development of logistics centres in Poland are different from those typically found in Western Europe. Since 1990 we have been observing an intensive growth of modern warehousing space. The resources of modern warehousing space in Poland are estimated at ca. 4.8 M m2. There are two decisive determinants involved in the process of selecting location for modern warehousing facilities: the agglomeration determinant and the infrastructural determinant. The former accounts for the impact of such determinants as population size and household income, retail sales volume and volume of sold production. The latter is related to the availability and quality of transport infrastructure. Having taken into consideration all above mentioned determinants, an evaluation method was developed in order to estimate the demand for modern warehousing space in the largest urban agglomerations in Poland. It was found out that the modern warehousing space market in Poland does not demonstrate saturation, however, the demand for this type of space is diverse. New investment projects will be implemented predominantly in those urban agglomerations which until recently did not attract much interest from investors.

Keywords: logistic facilities, logistic infrastructure, logistic centres warehouse, urban agglomerations
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MLA Fechner, Ireneusz. "Determinants of warehouse space market development in Poland." Logforum 5.1 (2009): 3.
APA Ireneusz Fechner (2009). Determinants of warehouse space market development in Poland. Logforum 5 (1), 3.
ISO 690 FECHNER, Ireneusz. Determinants of warehouse space market development in Poland. Logforum, 2009, 5.1: 3.