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Issue 1/ 2009, article 1

Michael Richter, Jens-Michael Potthast



Logistics is a crucial issue for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Logistics constantly varying demands on a company require adjustments of its production planning and control systems (PPC systems) to the dynamic changes of supply chains under consideration of the company's work organization. The aim of the project 'PPC adaption' is to develop a simple method for adjusting a company's used PPC system to a constantly changing production and market environment. With the help of this system SME's are able easily to adapt their PPC systems to varying external and internal influences. Regardless of the company's type of PPC system, the result is applicable in every SME's.

Keywords: production planning and control, production logistics, adaption

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MLA Richter, Michael, and Jens-Michael Potthast. "Slight PPC Systems Adaption." Logforum 5.1 (2009): 1.
APA Michael Richter, Jens-Michael Potthast (2009). Slight PPC Systems Adaption. Logforum 5 (1), 1.
ISO 690 RICHTER, Michael, POTTHAST, Jens-Michael. Slight PPC Systems Adaption. Logforum, 2009, 5.1: 1.
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