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Issue 2/ 2007, article 3

Leszek Mindur, Jerzy Wronka


Abstract: The article contains the following sections: Introduction, three main parts and a Summary. The first part is an opinion of intermodal transport in Poland. In the second part the author defines all the targets and directions of intermodal transport development. The third part shows the basic conditions, necessary to realize the strategic target as well as basic targets of intermodal transport development. The Summary contains the general conclusions as the result of the analysis of the present days and advices for the improvement of the Polish intermodal transport
Keywords: intermodal transport, transportsystem, logistic centres

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For citation:

MLA Mindur, Leszek, and Jerzy Wronka. "INTERMODAL TRANSPORT IN POLAND." Logforum 3.2 (2007): 3.
APA Leszek Mindur, Jerzy Wronka (2007). INTERMODAL TRANSPORT IN POLAND. Logforum 3 (2), 3.
ISO 690 MINDUR, Leszek, WRONKA, Jerzy. INTERMODAL TRANSPORT IN POLAND. Logforum, 2007, 3.2: 3.
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