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Volume 19 (1) 2023

B.Original articles

Muhammad R. Khan, Naveed R. Khan, Muhammad M. B. Tufail, Liaqat Ali
A Path towards a Greener Future: Fostering green supply chain, green marketing and environmental sustainability
Issue 1/ 2023, article 1   |  Abstract abstract nr 1  |  Article (pdf) article nr 1 - pdf  | Topic: Management science - theory and practice
DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2023.815
Khaled Naoui, Omar Boubker, Mohamed El Abdellaoui
Exploring the influence of IS on collaboration, agility, and performance. The case of the automotive supply chain
Issue 1/ 2023, article 2   |  Abstract abstract nr 2  |  Article (pdf) article nr 2 - pdf  | Topic: Logistic & Supply Chain Management
DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2023.779
Ramazan Yıldız, Ahmet Orkun Göktepe
Effects of Green Supply Chain Management Applications on Operational, Environmental and Financial Performance: Company and Final Customers
Issue 1/ 2023, article 3   |  Abstract abstract nr 3  |  Article (pdf) article nr 3 - pdf  | Topic: Logistic & Supply Chain Management
DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2023.769
Paweł Mielcarek, Anna Piekarczyk
Digital transformation of supply chains and company’s performance
Issue 1/ 2023, article 4   |  Abstract abstract nr 4  |  Article (pdf) article nr 4 - pdf  | Topic: Logistic & Supply Chain Management
DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2023.829
Beata Paliwoda, Justyna Górna, Marta Biegańska, Krzysztof Wójcicki
Application of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the Packaging Industry in Poland
Issue 1/ 2023, article 5   |  Abstract abstract nr 5  |  Article (pdf) article nr 5 - pdf  | Topic: Management science - theory and practice
DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2023.787
Ngo Quang Vinh, Sam-Sang You, Le Ngoc Bao Long, Hwan-Seong Kim
Optimal decision making for empty container management at seaport yard
Issue 1/ 2023, article 6   |  Abstract abstract nr 6  |  Article (pdf) article nr 6 - pdf  | Topic: Management science - theory and practice
DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2023.801
Muhammad Waqas, Zhang Yu, Syed Abdul Rehman Khan, Muhammad Tanveer, Abdul-Rahim Ahmad
Promoting healthcare technologies through sustainable supply chain operations: an empirical analysis of key success factors using the ISM-MICMAC approach
Issue 1/ 2023, article 7   |  Abstract abstract nr 7  |  Article (pdf) article nr 7 - pdf  | Topic: Logistic & Supply Chain Management
DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2023.722
Karolina Werner-Lewandowska, Adam Kolinski, Paulina Golinska-Dawson
Barriers to electronic data exchange in the supply chain - results from empirical study
Issue 1/ 2023, article 8   |  Abstract abstract nr 8  |  Article (pdf) article nr 8 - pdf  | Topic: Logistic & Supply Chain Management
DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2023.804
Wenjuan Zhao, Lokhman Hakim Bin Osman
A Systematic Review of the Use of Organisational and Management Theories in Reverse Logistics Studies
Issue 1/ 2023, article 9   |  Abstract abstract nr 9  |  Article (pdf) article nr 9 - pdf  | Topic: Management science - theory and practice
DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2023.818
Betty J. Soledispa-Cañarte, Maritza S. Pibaque-Pionce, Narda P. Merchán-Ponce, Diana C. Mex Alvarez, Jennifer Tovar-Quintero, David F. Escobar-Molina, Juan D. Cedeño-Ramírez, Cristian Rincon-Guio
Advancing Agribusiness Sustainability and Competitiveness through Logistics 4.0: A Bibliometric and Systematic Literature Review
Issue 1/ 2023, article 10   |  Abstract abstract nr 10  |  Article (pdf) article nr 10 - pdf  | Topic: Logistic & Supply Chain Management
DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2023.807

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