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Issue 3/ 2021, article 5

Roman Domański



Background: The ability to assess a situation is one of the key competences of companies operating on the market. One should know if one functions as well as their competitors, better or perhaps worse. In the case of the omnichannel concept, it is difficult to answer this question, since so far there has been no recognized standard for its evaluation. The aim of the article is to present the theory fundamentals of omnichannel measurement and evaluation in an indicator-based form.

Methods: The theoretical part features a systematic literature review based on the Scopus abstract and citation database. In the research part, an original indicator-based omnichannel measurement and evaluation theory was presented. The idea was based on the following ideas: marketing mix, benchmarking, OTIFEF, AHP.

Results: In the scientific literature, the dominant evaluation of omnichannel is based on financial measures, which, according to the author of this article, does not reflect the essence of the functioning of this concept. Therefore, the research part presents relational omnichannel indicators - individual (4) and aggregate (11) - based on non-financial measures.

Conclusions: There are currently no reference omnichannel evaluation instruments. The creation and functioning of such a standard would allow to form objective opinions. The standardization of the omnichannel measurement would enable to perform comparative analyses, the results of which could be used to further improve trade and distribution processes in companies using this sales strategy.

The research approach adopted in the article fits very well with the assumptions of the omnichannel concept. The proposed measurement and evaluation theory is simple and universal, and its application is not constrained by any  limitations. It enables both individual and comparative evaluation.

Keywords: omni-channel, marketing mix, benchmarking, omnichannel indicators, systematic literature review, expert research

Full text available in in english in format: Adobe Acrobat pdf article nr 5 - pdf

DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2021.610
For citation:

MLA Domański, Roman. " How to measure omnichannel? Marketing indicator-based approach – Theory fundamentals." Logforum 17.3 (2021): 5. DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2021.610
APA Roman Domański (2021). How to measure omnichannel? Marketing indicator-based approach – Theory fundamentals. Logforum 17 (3), 5. DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2021.610
ISO 690 DOMAńSKI, Roman. How to measure omnichannel? Marketing indicator-based approach – Theory fundamentals. Logforum, 2021, 17.3: 5. DOI: 10.17270/J.LOG.2021.610
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