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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2017. 13(1), article 4, 39-49; DOI: https://doi.org/10.17270/J.LOG.2017.1.4


Michał Kozłowski

Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland


Background: The aim of the article is to present the concept of integrated management of airport safety audit. Airports function in a dynamically changing environment. These changes are the result of EU legislative processes and the changes of safety risk profile. Therefore, it is necessary to search for new and effective methods of ensuring safety and security of airports.
Methods: The efficient and effective method seems to be an integrated safety audit. The concept of such has been developed on the basis of the ICAO and EASA regulations and ISO standards and guidelines for the management systems.
Results: Developed design of integrated safety airport audit is the first-party audit. It takes into account the currently applicable legal requirements concerning the management and certification of the airports, which aim is to ensure safety and security. The project involves the integration of management systems and refers to the issue of conversion Aerodrome Certificates.
Conclusion: So far established management systems and audit programs in civil aviation relate primarily to the safety and security issues of air transport. However, omitting the change management and the flow of means of transport and loading units at the airport issues, which conducive to the fluctuation and escalation of threats. It follows the need to extend the formula and the audit scope, which will continue in the further work of the author.

Keywords: safety audit, airport, change management
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MLA Kozłowski, Michał. "Integrated airport safety audit." Logforum 13.1 (2017): 4. DOI: https://doi.org/10.17270/J.LOG.2017.1.4
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