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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2014. 10(3), article 5, 285-293;


Paulina Golińska

Poznan University of Technology, Poznań, Poland


Background: The lean production is a well-established managerial concept, which helps companies to provide the customer value and to reduce cost. Recently it gains a lot of attention among the remanufacturers. In this paper the assumption is made that remanufacturing process is more sustainable, if there will be efficient utilization of the resources. The resource utilization is efficient when there is no waste of resources. The implementation of lean principles and tools into a remanufacturing process can benefit to improved sustainability but also it suffers some constrains, which are identified in this paper.
Methods: The research methodology consists of a literature review, where research papers from the Scopus, Science Direct and Business Source Premier databases were used. The search criterion was the phrase "lean remanufacturing". On the basis of literature review the lean remanufacturing problems are identified. The framework for lean remanufacturing analysis was established. Author presents also case studies on assessment of the leanness of remanufacturing process and discusses the potential for waste elimination in order to improve sustainability of remanufacturing process.
Results: Problem identification and analysis framework of lean remanufacturing process is discussed. The case studies results are analysed in the context of the finding of the literature review. The advantages and constrains of lean remanufacturing are discussed.
Conclusions: A remanufacturing process is more complex than the respective production process. The implementation of lean production principles and tools into remanufacturing process is at a very early stage comparing to the traditional manufacturing. There are evidences from the industrial studies and the academic research on lean remanufacturing benefits. There is a need to distinguish between lean remanufacturing on an operational and a strategic level. From the perspective of sustainability of remanufacturing process an operational framework seems to be more suitable.

Keywords: lean production, remanufacturing process, waste reduction, sustainability.
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MLA Golińska, Paulina. "The lean approach for improvement of the sustainability of a remanufacturing process." Logforum 10.3 (2014): 5.
APA Paulina Golińska (2014). The lean approach for improvement of the sustainability of a remanufacturing process. Logforum 10 (3), 5.
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