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Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)Logforum. 2014. 10(3), article 3, 263-272;


Józef Frąś1, Paweł Romanow2

1) Poznan University of Technology,
) Poznan School of Logistics, Poznan, Poland


Background: The main issue in the operations of machinery and equipment, which is the subject of theoretical and empirical research is to provide high reliability and durability with qualitative post-trade services of machinery and equipment. Quality of service can be achieved through planned maintenance activities supported by computer technology. The article presents the concept of an integrated system of logistics management operation of machinery and equipment, especially special one for stationary transport equipment. At the outset, it emphasized the importance and essence of technological transport and storage systems storage in modern manufacturing enterprise. Then the objective and the method of research have been set. An essential part of deliberations in the article is the concept of integrated logistics management system operation for stationary transport equipment. Authors of this article have presented the results the implementation and operation of the system. The results are presented in a descriptive and graphic form.
Methods: The purpose of this article is to present the concept of implementing an integrated logistics management system for operation of stationary transport equipment. It goes through combination of planning, event logging service, warehouse management in the field of spare parts, account and records of the cost of service activities. The paper presents an analysis and evaluation method of brainstorming a new approach to logistics management operation stationary transport equipment. Authors takes into account the specific conditions of use of transport equipment and conduct the service, which have a significant impact on the time and place of cost and service as well. It should be noted that the developed system has been implemented. It was also carried out an assessment of its functionality and efficiency as the new IT tool for logistics management operation.
Results and conclusions: The paper presents a new concept of integrated logistics management of operation for the stationary transport equipment system. Specific conditions relating to the operation of these devices have been identified. This is essential prerequisites for the development of the concept of the computer solution. The article presents the concepts of the inclusive servicing of warehouse management and cost accounting records and maintenance. Comprehensive integration of these aspects creates a new opportunities in logistics in the field of the operation for stationary transport equipment. This way of design, implementation and recording of maintenance work supported by the integrated management system is a modern tool for conducting maintenance. It's should be mentioned that this conception remains in competition with traditional servicing operators servicing.

Keywords: management, management system, logistics operation.
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MLA Frąś, Józef, and Paweł Romanow. "Integrated logistics management system for operation of machinery and equipment." Logforum 10.3 (2014): 3.
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