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Issue 2/ 2014, article 6

Halina Szulce, Ryszard Świekatowski



Background: It can be observed recently, that the sector of educational services is seen to have potential of changes in the system of the higher education. The problems of this area are more and more visible ones along with the growth of its competitiveness, which are a consequence of demographic changes and the maladjustment of an educational offer to the need of the labor market. Therefore, the tendency to the concentration seems to be more and more distinct and fully justified one, especially for private universities. The franchising seems to be a mechanism, which is most predestined for this type of actions covering the area of educational services. The essence and the possibilities of the implementation of franchising methods are presented in this paper. The process of creation of a franchising system and factors determining its choice as well as the mechanism of its implementation in the education were described.

Methods: The paper is based on the analysis of literature sources and indicates the possibility to use the potential of franchising in the management of a university. The attempt was made to present this problem in the context of a franchisor and a franchisee as well as possible market changes.

Results and conclusions: The paper is a study of the literature and uses the experiences of the implementation of franchising in various services areas. Its purposefulness as well as the possibilities of its application in higher education was shown. The lack of results of researches in this area makes impossible to precise the system and the scope of its implementation. The need of such researches was shown as well as the need of preparing a report showing the existing facts and possibilities to use franchising methods in this area.

Keywords: management, services, education, higher education, franchising systems, franchising, franchisors, franchisees

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