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Issue 2/ 2014, article 2

Igor Arefyev



Background: The paper is devoted to the distributed transport hub substantiation and assessment. The paper  was an example of the technique and form an array of logistical factors as variables that determine this condition. Experience in organizing multimodal transport showed that the "bottleneck" of transport logistics are items of cargo handling ports, terminals, freight stations and warehouses. At the core of the solution of these problems is the problem of estimating the variables determine the Multi-purpose Hubs.

The aim is to develop a method of forming the system of logistical multiplying factors determine the role of each of the types in the technologiacal process of distributed Multi-purpose Hubs.

Methods: The assessment model for the formation of Distributed Transport Units  can be based on formal methods to predict the behavior of complex systems engineering complexes. Then one of the approaches to the solution of the problem may be the matrix method of technological factors.

Results and conclusions: The proposed methodology of the selection and validation of logistic coefficients has the practical importance in the models development for assessing the condition and behavior of Distributed Transport.

Keywords: transport, multimodal, freight unit, cargo flow, the transport hub, the matrix

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For citation:

MLA Arefyev, Igor. "Matrix logistics indicators assessment of distributed transport hub." Logforum 10.2 (2014): 2.
APA Igor Arefyev (2014). Matrix logistics indicators assessment of distributed transport hub. Logforum 10 (2), 2.
ISO 690 AREFYEV, Igor. Matrix logistics indicators assessment of distributed transport hub. Logforum, 2014, 10.2: 2.
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