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The most popular articles - last 30 days:

All: 6704

1Vladimir Vikulov, Andrey Butrin
Risk assessment and management logistics chains
2Piotr Cyplik
3Semih Otles, Buket Yalcin
Intelligent food packaging
4Halina Szulce, Bogumiła Sosnowska
Significance of and tools for development of customer portfolio in a logistics company
5Piotr Cyplik1, Mateusz Zwolak2
Industry 4.0 and 3D print: a new heuristic approach for decoupling point in future supply chain management
6S. Parkash, Dr. Veerender Kumar Kaushik
Supplier Performance Monitoring and Improvement (SPMI) through SIPOC Analysis and PDCA Model to the ISO 9001 QMS in Sports Goods Manufacturing Industry
7Konieczny P.1, Dobrucka R.2, Mroczek E.1
Using carbon footprint to evaluate environmental issues of food transportation
8Herbert Sonntag, Christine Behnke, Bertram Meimbresse
Potentials of Intuitive Routing supported by On-Board-Traffic-Information in Metropolitan Areas - Project MINERVA
9Maicon Saturno1, Vinicius M. Pertel1, Fernando Deschamps2, Eduardo de F.R. Loures3
Proposal for new automation architecture solutions for Industry 4.0
10Michael Richter, Jens-Michael Potthast
Slight PPC Systems Adaption

The most popular abstracts - last 30 days:

All: 20379

1Abderahman Rejeb1, Karim Rejeb2
Blockchain and supply chain sustainability
2Arkadiusz Kawa
Fulfillment service in e-commerce logistics
3Muhammad Shafiq, Kullapa Soratana
Lean and Agile Paradigms in Humanitarian Organizations? Logistics and Supply Chain Management
4Aglaya Batz, Martin Kunath, Herwig Winkler
Discrepancies between cluster services and SMEs? needs constraining the creation of a culture of innovation amidst industry 4.0
5Aleksandar Erceg1, Jovanka Damoska Sekuloska2
E-logistics and e-SCM: how to increase competitiveness
6Judit Oláh1, Zoltán Zéman2, Imre Balogh3, József Popp1
Future challenges and areas of development for supply chain management
7Magdalena Krystyna Wyrwicka, Agnieszka Chuda
The diagnosis of organizational culture as a change?s factor in the context application of design thinking
8Arkadiusz Kawa, Wojciech Zdrenka
Conception of integrator in cross-border E-commerce
9Kinga Pawlicka , Monika Bal
Supply chain finance and challenges of modern supply chains
10Piotr Cyplik1, Mateusz Zwolak2
Industry 4.0 and 3D print: a new heuristic approach for decoupling point in future supply chain management