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Issue 4/ 2013, article 4

Authors: Michał Adamczak, Roman Domański, Piotr Cyplik, Żaneta Pruska


Keywords: process assessment, process modelling, process simulation, process management


Background: The growing importance of business process approach and dynamic management
is triggered by market expectations for lead time reductions and the pressure for cost cuts. An efficient process management requires measurement and assessment skills. This article is intended to present the tools used in evaluating processes and the way in which they work together under simulated conditions.
Methods: The project's Authors believe that a process can be assessed by measuring its attributes: cost, time and quality. An assessment tool has been developed for each of those attributes. For costs - it could be activity based costing, for time - value stream mapping; for quality - statistical process control. Each tool allows for evaluating one of the attributes,
any element in the process hierarchy. The methods presented in the paper have been supplemented with process modelling and simulation.
Results: In order to show how process assessment tools are combined with process simulation the Authors show a sample process in three versions (serial, parallel and mixed). A variant simulation (using iGrafx software) allows
for determining the values of attributes in the entire process based on the data set for its components (activities).
In the example under investigation the process variant has no impact on its quality. Process cost and time are affected.
Conclusions: The tools for identifying attribute values, in combination with process modelling and simulation, can prove very beneficial when applied in business practice. In the first place they allow for evaluating a process based on the value of the attributes pertaining to its particular activities, which, on the other hand, raises the possibility of process configuration at the design stage. The solution presented in the paper can be developed further with a view to process standardization and best variant recommendation.  

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