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Issue 4/ 2013, article 3

Authors: Philip Michalk


Keywords: sales area, intermodal transport, marketing


Background: Combined transport chains (such as intermodal transport), have certain advantages. The main advantage from customer points of view is the possibility to bundle freight and thereby decrease transport costs. On the other hand, a combined transport chain can cause longer transport times, due to the necessary transshipment processes.
Methods: The area around a terminal, in which a combined service has favourable properties to a customer in comparison to a direct transport, can be understood as a sales-area, in which a combined transport product is marketable. The aim of this paper was to find a method to determine the best shape and size of this area.
Results and conclusions: The paper at hand lined out a method in order to calculate such a sales area and determine which geographical points around a terminal have an advantage in comparison to a direct transport service.

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MLA Michalk, Philip. "Optimizing sales areas of combined transport chains." Logforum 9.4 (2013): 3.
APA Philip Michalk (2013). Optimizing sales areas of combined transport chains. Logforum 9 (4), 3.
ISO 690 MICHALK, Philip. Optimizing sales areas of combined transport chains. Logforum, 2013, 9.4: 3.
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