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Issue 3/ 2013, article 5

Authors: Renata Dobrucka


Keywords: functional foods, probiotics, active packaging


Background: The packaging of the product has an important role in the protection of the stability of the final product. The use of active packaging system is due to play an increasingly important role by offering numerous and innovative solutions for extending the shelf-life or improve food quality and safety.

Methods: On the basis of broad review of the current state of the art in world literature, application of packaging systems in probiotics foods was discussed.

Results: In this study presented research and development in packaging systems for probiotics foods, using suitable materials with combine passive with active packaging solutions.

Conclusion: Active packages with incorporated oxygen barrier materials or films with selective permeability properties also have potential applications in the packaging of probiotic food products. This is a broad field of research for scientists and industry.

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MLA Dobrucka, Renata. "Application of active packaging systems in probiotic foods." Logforum 9.3 (2013): 5.
APA Renata Dobrucka (2013). Application of active packaging systems in probiotic foods. Logforum 9 (3), 5.
ISO 690 DOBRUCKA, Renata. Application of active packaging systems in probiotic foods. Logforum, 2013, 9.3: 5.
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