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Issue 2/ 2013, article 4

Authors: Renata Dobrucka


Keywords: active packaging, intelligent packaging


Background: Innovation in food and beverage packaging is mostly driven by consumer needs and demands influenced by changing global trends, such as increased life expectancy, fewer organizations investing in food production and distribution. Food industry has seen great advances in the packaging sector since its inception in the 18th century with most active and intelligent innovations occurring during the past century. These advances have led to improved food quality and safety. Active and intelligent packaging is new and exciting area of technology  which efficient contemporary consumer response.

Materials and methods: On the basis of broad review of the current state of the art in world literature, the market active and intelligent packaging is discussed.

Results: This paper shows present innovation in the market active and intelligent packaging.

Conclusion: Research and development in the field of active and intelligent packaging materials is very dynamic and develops in relation with the search for environment friendly packaging solutions. Besides, active and intelligent packaging is becoming more and more widely used for food products. The future of this type of packaging system seems to be very interesting.

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