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Issue 3/ 2012, article 5

Authors: Bernd Hentschel, Gerhard Richtsteig, Karol Górski


Keywords: automation, supply chain, innovative transport system, container trolley, logistics, luggage handling, transport space between chek-in terminal and the airplane, airports


Background: The transport of luggage units between the check-in terminal and airplanes is realized by the use of very simple transport solutions and manual reloading of the luggage. The luggage trolleys are used for the transport purposes, which are hitched to the mover and moved directly to the surroundings of the airplane. The loading and unloading of luggage is performed manually. Regarding actual safety requirements there was a need to create a new transport system, working in a closed cycle and based on the device for automatic loading and unloading of luggage units.

Methods: Various potential variants of the device were generated based on results of analytical researches by the use of the morphological schema. The detail evaluation and the optimization of individual variants allow to prepare the concept of the complex method to solve problems of the reliable transport of luggage units within an airport.

Results: The closed transport system was created as a result of the innovative project. The main element of this system is a container trolley, which is equipped in five storage layers. By the use of the special mover and gravitational forces, luggage units can be transported and placed inside this trolley as well as being loaded and unloaded. This solution enables to move 200 pieces of luggage in one transport cycle from the check-in terminal to the hatchway of the airplane.

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For citation:

MLA Hentschel, Bernd, et al. "The concept of the development of cargo container transport system within airport." Logforum 8.3 (2012): 5.
APA Bernd Hentschel1, Gerhard Richtsteig2, Karol Górski3 (2012). The concept of the development of cargo container transport system within airport. Logforum 8 (3), 5.
ISO 690 HENTSCHEL, Bernd, RICHTSTEIG, Gerhard, GóRSKI, Karol. The concept of the development of cargo container transport system within airport. Logforum, 2012, 8.3: 5.
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