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Issue 2/ 2012, article 2

Authors: Katarzyna Grzybowska, Gábor Kovács


Keywords: supply chain, metastructure, configuration


Background: A trend to create groups of enterprises can be observed; whose model of operation makes use of assets of large, small and medium sized companies. It is a higher level of organisational changes. This trend is described as network organisation. It is based on the so called supply chain. The Authors of this paper proposed authors' analysis dynamic configuration of the supply chain and presents an example. The supply chain is a metastructure. It is an intermediate form between a single enterprise (microstructure/microsystem) and the global economy (macrostructure/macrosystem). The metastructure is characterized by a dynamic holarchy of mutually cooperating holons (enterprises).

Methods: After a brief discussion of the nature of supply chain (metrastructure) and configuration of metastructures, authors present variable supply chains in the light of morphological analysis and presents an example.  

Results: The key benefits of this approach are: identifying the characteristics of a supply network and modeling the flow in the entire own supply chain metastructure and possible quick adaptations to new situations.

Conclusions: Configuration of a supply chain with the use of a morphological analysis is a basic action, if its goal is to optimally model the flow of goods and implementation of quick adaptation to new situations.   


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