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Issue 1/ 2012, article 6

Authors: Michał Dobrzyński, Piotr Waszczur


Keywords: production line, manufacturing, modeling, simulation, Six Sigma


Background: Computer technologies allow more and more to model as well as to perform simulation experiments of various processes. The simulation analysis provides a better understanding of the interdependencies between various stages of production processes.

Methods: The results of simulation studies were presented, the aim of them was to show the opportunities of the analysis of the process according to the scenarios and variants developed in connection with the qualitative assessment process. The study was based on simulation models developed and programmed for the processing of parts in an automated production line. The results of the conducted simulation experiments were referred to the primary ratios of the system work like the use of machines and other means of production, capacity, number of defects, etc. The analysis of the process was expanded by the qualitative assessment, based on selected ratios used in Six Sigma methodology.

Results: The significant influence of the identification of so-called “hidden factories” in the production process on the value of sigma level was observed.

Conclusions: The application of Six Sigma methodology and its statistical methods has a significant importance in the estimation and improvement of processes. The identification and the choice of number of inspection points are important for the monitoring and evaluation of the whole process. The obtained results confirmed the earlier assumptions of great importance of "hidden factories". Not revealing them influences significantly the quality of a process.

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