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Issue 1/ 2012, article 2

Authors: Vladimir Tkach


Keywords: supplies reliability factor, logistic chains and networks, flexibility of logistic system, reliability of planning decisions, supply chains, supply plan


Background: The economics globalization leaded to the growth of the number of international and global supply chains, possessing potentially vulnerable places due to the reason of their high duration and existence of cultural and other barriers between the participants of supply chains. Intensification of international competition, in its turn, conditioned the increase of supply intensity, reduction of logistic chains links number and decrease in them of material reserves. Potential instability and unreliability of supply chains as well as their vulnerability also increased.

Methods: The basic aspects of supply reliability provision in logistic networks based on planning decisions were discussed.

Results and conclusions: There is grounded the necessity for accounting in supply plans of integral qualities of logistic systems, their functioning modes and life cycles of their elements relations. There is suggested the instrument for planning of maneuvers in supply networks in conditions of indeterminacy of future parameters of demand and resources deficit.

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MLA Tkach, Vladimir. "Reliability provision for supplies plan in logistic chains." Logforum 8.1 (2012): 2.
APA Vladimir Tkach (2012). Reliability provision for supplies plan in logistic chains. Logforum 8 (1), 2.
ISO 690 TKACH, Vladimir. Reliability provision for supplies plan in logistic chains. Logforum, 2012, 8.1: 2.
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