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Issue 1/ 2011, article 4

Authors: Agnieszka Bilska


Keywords: vacuum packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, smart packaging, intelligent packaging


The main task of food packaging is to protect the product during storage and transport against the action of biological, chemical and mechanical factors. The paper presents packaging systems for food of animal origin. Vacuum and modified atmosphere packagings were characterised together with novel types of packagings, referred to as intelligent packaging and active packaging. The aim of this paper was to present all advantages and disadvantages of packaging used for meat products. Such list enables to choose the optimal type of packaging for given assortment of food and specific conditions of the transport and storing.

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For citation:

MLA Bilska, Agnieszka. "Packaging systems for animal origin food." Logforum 7.1 (2011): 4.
APA Agnieszka Bilska (2011). Packaging systems for animal origin food. Logforum 7 (1), 4.
ISO 690 BILSKA, Agnieszka. Packaging systems for animal origin food. Logforum, 2011, 7.1: 4.
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