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Issue 1/ 2011, article 2

Authors: Zbyszko Pawlak, Maciej Stajniak


Keywords: city management, city logistics, sustainable development, distribution of goods in urban areas, flows of people and goods, road infrastructure in cities, SUGAR project


The problem of the rationalization of the flow of people and goods in urban areas is discussed in the presented paper. Due to the increasing traffic congestion, this is one of the most important problems of the effective city management, especially in line with the principles of the sustainable development. The paper presents local conditionings for urban agglomeration of Poznań, with particular attention paid to difficulties of the distribution of goods in urban areas. The available sources for obtaining the good practice for local authorities are presented, e.g. European projects like SUGAR Project (Sustainable Urban Goods Logistics Achieved by Regional and local policies).

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For citation:

MLA Pawlak, Zbyszko, and Maciej Stajniak. "Optimisation of transport processes in city logistics." Logforum 7.1 (2011): 2.
APA Zbyszko Pawlak, Maciej Stajniak (2011). Optimisation of transport processes in city logistics. Logforum 7 (1), 2.
ISO 690 PAWLAK, Zbyszko, STAJNIAK, Maciej. Optimisation of transport processes in city logistics. Logforum, 2011, 7.1: 2.
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