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Issue 4/ 2010, article 1

Authors: Maciej Stajniak


Keywords: Authorized Economic Operator, supply chains, safety


Developing economy, growing customer requirements and competition make the service level higher. Delivery safety - as the highest priority - has to be maintained at the same time. Customers more and more often require transport to be very flexible, fast, and complex in terms of carrying every quantity of goods of different sizes, from and to different countries, through customs clearance, storing and distribution of shipments. Meeting these requirements depends on complex information on transport processes and their safety. The article presents safety foundations and institution Authorized Economic Operator - AEO in supply chains.

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MLA Stajniak, Maciej. "Supply chain management - safety aspects." Logforum 6.4 (2010): 1.
APA Maciej Stajniak (2010). Supply chain management - safety aspects. Logforum 6 (4), 1.
ISO 690 STAJNIAK, Maciej. Supply chain management - safety aspects. Logforum, 2010, 6.4: 1.
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