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Issue 2/ 2010, article 3

Authors: Jens-Michael Potthast, Henner Gärtner, Frauke Hertrampf


Keywords: SCOR, Standard Sourcing, Logistics Models


Assuring a high material availability for production is while reducing sourcing costs remains a major logistical challenge for producing companies. Lean economic processes, flexibility and responsiveness - beneficial both for the customer and for the supplier - are characteristics of an excellent customer-supplier relationship. Standard sourcing models offer a field-tested approach for setting up across company boarders processes.

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For citation:

MLA Potthast, Jens-Michael, et al. "Allocation for manufacturing companies." Logforum 6.2 (2010): 3.
APA Jens-Michael Potthast, Henner Gärtner, Frauke Hertrampf (2010). Allocation for manufacturing companies. Logforum 6 (2), 3.
ISO 690 POTTHAST, Jens-Michael, GäRTNER, Henner, HERTRAMPF, Frauke. Allocation for manufacturing companies. Logforum, 2010, 6.2: 3.
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