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Issue 1/ 2010, article 4

Authors: Sabina Kauf


Keywords: logistics, city logistics, transport congestion


Along with incrementation of largeness of production in year 2010 its forecasted to incrementation of amount of flow almost about 95% relatively to year 1992. This progression leads congestion of communication infrastructure and phenomena of transport crowded states. It makes difficult flows of persons it and loads. It causes limitations in elastic forming of time of supply and decreases efficiency of their realization by logistical operators. Minimization of negative result is hard, Time-consuming and expensive. There is one of solution e.g. concept of city logistics. Among others, it allows on optimization of freight flow by creation of logistical center or trans-shipping. It helps in search of optimal coherence Productively-a real, taking into consideration cost, production capacity and services. It respects requirements of natural environments also. Project "RegLog" is example of logistical solution. It has been accustomed in Regensburg and it has brought benefit all interest.

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MLA Kauf, Sabina. "Logistics as instrument of reduction of transport congestion in cities." Logforum 6.1 (2010): 4.
APA Sabina Kauf (2010). Logistics as instrument of reduction of transport congestion in cities. Logforum 6 (1), 4.
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