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Issue 1/ 2010, article 2

Authors: Jan Długosz


Keywords: logistics customer service, supply chain, strategy


Logistics customer service in the supply chain considerably differs from the binary relation described in the literature in which one supplier provides services to scattered recipients. The difference is manifested in the fact that an institutional client in the supply chain has much greater and often different requirements than the end consumer, at the same time appearing in a dual role of the supplier and the customer; and first and foremost, should take an active part in creating and implementing a supply chain strategy. If this strategy is to contribute to success, it must be based on cooperation among the supply chain participants, aimed at generating value for the end customer. Supply chain participants should establish partner relations reflected in such service to their customers which would encompass the maximum of their extended criteria of supplier evaluation. They should, however, first and foremost, take into account their maximized contribution to the final effect of the supply chain. Hence, every supply chain should develop a clear strategy determining the role of individual companies in creating the most favourable offer for the end customer.

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