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Issue 4/ 2009, article 8

Authors: Mariusz Jedliński


Keywords: logistic potential, logistic system capacity, logistic competences, analysis of logistic potential


The paper, which aims to be a starting point for a scientific exploration, presents considerations on the essence and importance of the "logistic potential of an enterprise". A hypothesis has been adopted proposing that the lack of a precise description of semantic fields of terms used in literature leads to their fuzzy interpretation. When assessing the context of many expressions used in literature on the subject, one has the impression that typically these concepts fail to be understood unambiguously. Therefore, it has been defined as the ability of logistics systems within an enterprise to provide maximum output of logistic service in a given time. It is defined by the client and represents a compromise between the time expected by the client and the time declared as feasible in the system. Also, sources of different interpretations have been indicated, as well as the importance of the "capacity" of the logistic system and the rarely mentioned aspect of system "intelligence". The role of "logistic competences" represented by the enterprise is pointed out.

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MLA Jedliński, Mariusz. "In pursuit of the essence of logistic potential of an enterprise." Logforum 5.4 (2009): 8.
APA Mariusz Jedliński (2009). In pursuit of the essence of logistic potential of an enterprise. Logforum 5 (4), 8.
ISO 690 JEDLIńSKI, Mariusz. In pursuit of the essence of logistic potential of an enterprise. Logforum, 2009, 5.4: 8.
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