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Issue 4/ 2009, article 7

Authors: Vasilij Alekseevič Novikov, Dmitrij Sergeevič Charitonov


Keywords: net planning, optimization of critical route, net graph of logistic chain


The paper presents the new approach to optimization of net graphs by using the tools available in VBA Excel. The calculation of both pessimistic and optimistic variants of optimized cases is presented using the different kinds of restrains.

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For citation:

MLA Novikov, Vasilij Alekseevič, and Dmitrij Sergeevič Charitonov. "Optimization in net planning." Logforum 5.4 (2009): 7.
APA Vasilij Alekseevič Novikov, Dmitrij Sergeevič Charitonov (2009). Optimization in net planning. Logforum 5 (4), 7.
ISO 690 NOVIKOV, Vasilij Alekseevič, CHARITONOV, Dmitrij Sergeevič. Optimization in net planning. Logforum, 2009, 5.4: 7.
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