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Issue 4/ 2009, article 4

Authors: Cezary Mańkowski


Keywords: chaos, logistics


The aim of this article is identification of the chaos main forms and their logistics implications (examples, sources, instruments). Bifurcation, intermittency and strange attractors are recognized within economics and management sciences with their logistics examples as logistics function, bull-whip effect, innovations and changes of logistics parameters. The inside and outside environment of logistics system is regarded both as a source of chaos in logistics and a source of methods for counteracting. They include management methods and tools generally accepted, especially integration and coordination.

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MLA Mańkowski, Cezary. "Logistics implications of chaos theory." Logforum 5.4 (2009): 4.
APA Cezary Mańkowski (2009). Logistics implications of chaos theory. Logforum 5 (4), 4.
ISO 690 MAńKOWSKI, Cezary. Logistics implications of chaos theory. Logforum, 2009, 5.4: 4.
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