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Issue 4/ 2008, article 1

Authors: Paweł Romanow


Keywords: Enlargement of the EU, economic globalization, road transport

Abstract: In the paper the author analyze the influence of economic globalization on the road transport sector in Poland. Business activity globalization, formation of networks of connections and the related supply chains make the demand for transport grow. The analysis starts with showing the influence of direct foreign investments and companies with foreign capital share on phz (Polish foreign trade) development. Next, the value changes and dynamics of Polish transport in comparison to the EU's are presented.

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Streszczenie w jezyku polskim Streszczenie w jezyku polskim.

Zusammenfassung in Deutsch Zusammenfassung in Deutsch.

For citation:

MLA Romanow, Paweł. "Road transport in Poland during the globalisation process." Logforum 4.4 (2008): 1.
APA Paweł Romanow (2008). Road transport in Poland during the globalisation process. Logforum 4 (4), 1.
ISO 690 ROMANOW, Paweł. Road transport in Poland during the globalisation process. Logforum, 2008, 4.4: 1.
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