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Issue 2/ 2007, article 4

Authors: Bogusław Śliwczyński


Keywords: supply chain, planning system, transport corridor, interoperability, intermodal operations, collaboration network

Abstract: The main addressed challenge is to prepare for the future growth in transportation and logistics and to bring this issue from analysis mode into actions. Within the Baltic Sea Region is seen increased exploitation of natural resources (seafood, petroleum, minerals, forest products etc.) that results in increased transport demand as well as increased general trade due to strong economical growth. The development of transnational cooperation and interlinking of regions or actors of Region is one of intermodal supply chain main objective. The intermodal planning is focused on choices support, while intermodal planning emphasized the most efficient way of moving from point-to-point within the system. The solution presented in this paper is unique in its approach to manage supply chain and logistics services as a collection of configurable processes. Multiple operators’ activities are not managed as individual files, but as services in a coherent process. This enables proper planning and enhanced visibility.

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For citation:

MLA Śliwczyński, Bogusław. "Planning process support for intermodal supply chains." Logforum 3.2 (2007): 4.
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